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MAK Bus Rules

Be Responsible

◎Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes before the designated departure time.
◎Food and drinks are allowed on the bus, but you must be responsible to clean up after yourself and keep your space clean.
◎The most important thing about school buses when driving is safety. Students are responsible for getting off at their respective stations after school. We encourage parents to arrive at the stations to pick up students before their expected arrival time.

Be Respectful

◎Keep your hands, feet, and personal property to yourself.
◎Use appropriate language at all times and speak quietly while on the bus.
◎When reminded by adults or bus monitors that you are not practicing safe and/or courteous conduct you will change your behavior immediately.

Be Safe

◎Remain seated during the entire trip.
◎Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat.
◎Keep the aisles clear.
◎Keep book-bags and other belongings on your lap or in a vacant seat.

When changing from your regular route, a Change of Bus Service Request Form must be filled in at least 24 hours before the date of change and returned to the office by email, fax, or in person.

Register for bus service                     Change current bus service

March 1, 2017 Revised