Dear Parents,

The reasons we are starting the request form are as follows:
(1)Capacity.  The School buses are almost full, therefore, we need to confirm the capacity distribution.
(2)To limit the ambiguity.  Parents need to make plans in advance, so your child has a set destination.
Please make sure that your child knows that he/she is changing buses, and is responsible for getting on the correct bus (or not getting on a bus).  Last-minute calls are unacceptable, and will be turned down.
(3)Documentation.  The bus form can be passed to the bus monitor beforehand, provides proof of their bus ROUTE change, and avoids any misunderstanding between bus monitors, parents, and the school.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Change of Bus Service Request Form

Child(ren)’s name(s)
First name        Last name
Grade Regular Transportation Change to
Bus # Bus #

This change will be effective on: 

Requested by:   (Parent’s signature)    *Email :
*Contact phone number(s):      *Fax :


This request should be submitted at least 24 hours before the effected date of change. 
Queenbus e-mail address is:
The service number is: (07)3925816 or 0987-187 588
The fax number is: (07)3928948

*Students who change their service without submitting this form are subject to a 100 NT charge
*There is a 200NT/one way(Kaohsiung Routes) or 300NT/one way(Tainan Routes) fee for children who ride the bus and are not regularly part of MAK’s bus service.